What is Cherry Times

Cherry Times is an information and education project for a global audience of cherry professionals.

It covers the entire supply chain from research to consumption, production and trade. The topics covered are research and development about varietiesrootstocksplanting systems, tech management, covers, quality, post-harvest, crop protection, economy, specialties, processing, eventsmarkets, consumption.

The aim is to become a global reference point for the community of professionals dealing with cherries: re-searchers, nurseries, agronomists, producers, packers, traders, wholesale and retail distributors, consumers, including all related technologies.

The project is characterized by a highly professional approach, the depth of the content proposed, the dynamism of the attitude, the international horizon and the regularity of the publication. The approach is oriented towards companies, to involve them in the production of content and the creation of customized communication projects.

Cherry Times is supported by an international technical-scientific committee and is designed and developed jointly by SL Fruit Service and NCX Drahorad.