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Michigan State University proposes research against replanting problems

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21 Nov 2023

The MSU team's goal is to test management practices that can reduce replanting problems, decrease nematode damage and increase cherry tree growth, with the aim of producing 'solid recommendations' for growers.

A cover system with automatic roof and retractable walls for weatherproof cultivation

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17 Nov 2023

Not a greenhouse, not traditional rain covers, but a new cultivation system: Cravo Equipment LTD has recently introduced the Automatic Auto-Dry Rain Shelter to the market, which is a cover system with retractable roof and walls, automated.

An integral approach to improve the efficiency of cherry orchards: the future goes from here

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26 Oct 2023

There is a growing interest in planar and Y systems, which can improve light interception and speed up harvesting practices. Currently, it appears that plants grown with the Upright Fruiting Offshoots system have the highest harvest rate (0.81 kg/min).

Cultivating success: the insights of Vivai Spinelli, the Italian fruit tree specialist

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22 Sep 2023

The company Vivai Spinelli has made a name for itself in the industry thanks to its complete management of the production cycle, from the initial propagation phase to the distribution of mature plants on the market. Vito Spinelli spoke for Cherry Times.

How to maximise the efficiency of mechanical harvesting by using the right training system

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28 Aug 2023

The experiment by the Department of Pomology of the National Institute of Fruit and Vegetable Research (Poland) attempted to develop a new breeding form and evaluate the adaptability of trees with a 'Y' crown for the mechanical harvesting of sour and sweet cherries.

Experimentation on new cherry planting systems at FEM

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27 Jun 2023

The plants were set up according to the chosen form of cultivation, in comparison with the traditional spindle, starting from one-year old rods. From the analysis of the data collected, some interesting indications for vegetative and productive aspects emerged.

The importance of training system for high quality production

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23 Jun 2023

The research we are presenting you today was carried out at the University of Tasmania. In this study, the performance of different breeding forms of 'Kordia' grafted on 'Krymsk 5' (semi-dwarfing rootstock) was evaluated.

Innovative plant models for sour cherry production

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01 Jun 2023

The production of sour cherries in the Modena area (Italy) has strong and recognised identity and territorial characteristics; today mainly conducted according to extensive processes, it can benefit from an evolution towards more efficient and sustainable innovative systems.

The differences between modern 2D and 3D cherry training systems

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19 May 2023

In this video, Prof. Lang illustrates the differences between modern 2D and 3D cherry training systems, highlighting the importance of the correct choice of variety and rootstock depending on the training form adopted.

Gregory Lang: cherry orchard training system innovations

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01 May 2023

Sweet cherry growers around the world are increasingly adopting trellised training systems that create a narrow, contiguous, planar “fruiting wall” canopy architecture. The benefits of such a radically redesigned orchard are significant.