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Rootstocks to the test, MSU presents 2022 results


23 Apr 2024

Since 2017, the MSU team has been comparing the performance of early dwarfing rootstocks (all from the Corette® series), developed by the university itself, with reference rootstocks Gisela 5, Gisela 12, Gisela 3 (sweet cherry only) and Maxma14.

The effects of rootstock and training form on the growth and quality of cherries


26 Feb 2024

The objective of the research was to evaluate the performance of the cultivar '0900 Ziraat' grafted onto the semi-vigorous rootstocks Krymsk, Gisela 6 and Piku 1. Four breeding forms were applied to these cultivar/rootstock combinations: VCL, SSA, UFO and KGB.

Engineering of cherry rootstocks to increase virus resistance

Crop protection Rootstocks

05 Feb 2024

Regarding rootstocks, one of the most promising approaches to increase plant resistance to viruses is post-transcriptional gene silencing, which employs RNA interference (RNAi) to prevent pathogenicity and virus replication.

Differences in sweet cherry pruning by cultivars

Tech management Rootstocks Varieties

18 Dec 2023

The most important factor in spindle formation is to maintain the dominance of the central leader. The central crowns can be cut back in the future, after the formation of fruit-bearing branches below the crown ends.

Centro Fruticultura Sur leads collaboration on a rootstock genetic improvement program

Rootstocks Press review Varieties

13 Dec 2023

As part of this project, 3 demonstration plots were created between 2021 and 2022 at the Universities of Concepción, La Frontera and Austral de Chile, with 10 cherry rootstock selections, plus 2 commercial controls: Gisela 12 and Colt.

Discovering Weigi®, new dwarfing and semi-dwarfing rootstocks for cherry trees

Breeding Rootstocks

05 Dec 2023

The trials, Stoppel points out, were very promising, particularly for four clones (Weigi® 1, Weigi® 2, Weigi® 3 and Weigi® 4), which were registered, patented and commercially licensed. The license for in vitro propagation was awarded to Vitroplant of Cesena, Italy.

Rootstocks modulates the gene expression in sweet cherry crop

Breeding Rootstocks

14 Nov 2023

The Tieton/Landing 2 and Tieton/Gisela 6 combinations were used by analysing 4-year-old plants. The PaMYBF gene was identified and it was noted that the expression of PaMYBF was significantly higher in the phloem tissue of the scion when grafted onto the Gisela 6 rootstock.

Aijie: new dwarfing and resilient rootstock made in China


10 Nov 2023

The tetraploid rootstock known as "Aijie" is characterised by its breakage in mid-March, blossoming in early April, and leaf shedding in November. The results of the tests indicated that “Aijie” induced higher growth rates compared to Gisela 6, three years post-planting.

Comparing rootstocks: each one has its own physiological characteristics


24 Oct 2023

The rootstocks obtained by in vitro methods resulted in a higher percentage of plants. The percentage of grafted plants was higher when 'Pi-ku 1' or 'Gisela 5' rootstocks were used, even though the height of the plants was reduced.

Vivai Mazzoni: with Bibaum®, the climate crisis is less frightening

Rootstocks Nurseries

20 Oct 2023

Vivai Mazzoni, part of the Mazzoni Group, a company that has been active in the agri-food industry for more than 50 years, is convinced that the Bibaum® system can help to cope with such a challenging climate scenario.