A study shows how aphids are affected by climate change

Crop protection

17 Jul 2024

A Turkish study predicts that changes in temperature values will influence the expansion of the distribution areas of invasive species, survival during the winter season, an increase in the number of generations and the transmission of plant diseases.

Cherry production in British Columbia: an example of Canadian success


17 Jul 2024

Since the 1990s, the growth of the Canadian industry has focused mainly on working with foreign countries to conclude agreements for the purchase of our fruit. Canadian cherries are exported to more than 20 countries, including Japan and South Korea.

The influence of cultivar and rootstock on the bioactive compound content in sweet cherry


16 Jul 2024

The study investigates the effect of these combinations on the total phenol and anthocyanin content, the content of individual phenolic compounds and the antioxidant activity of the fruit. The methods used are spectrophotometry and high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

Fighting Drosophila suzukii: hopes are pinned on the antagonist Ganaspis brasiliensis

Crop protection

16 Jul 2024

"There have already been promising results in North America, where it has become naturally established. We are currently testing its acclimatisation and effectiveness in about 60 plots throughout France,' explains Nicolas Borowizc of INRAE Paca.

VIP cherries: innovations and GlobalGap certification lead the season


15 Jul 2024

100% of Vip cherries have GlobalGap certification. Reinhard Ladurner, the Consortium's cherry sales manager, emphasises: 'GlobalGap has become a passport to the market by fulfilling the demand for sustainability and product safety certification.

South Tyrolean late cherries varieties enrich Sant'Orsola's season


15 Jul 2024

Nicola Leonardi, head of the commercial area of Sant'Orsola, provides an optimistic overview of the situation: 'We expect a very good season in terms of both quantity and quality, with at least 70 per cent of the cherries being 28 g and above.

Drosophila suzukii in the spotlight: protecting Australian crops from the global pest

Crop protection

12 Jul 2024

Although not yet detected in Australia, it is known to spread rapidly and has been identified as the third priority plant pest nationwide. Early detection and reporting is critical to manage and prevent its spread.

Cherry tree covers: Protecta® allows ventilation and protection


12 Jul 2024

"Protecting plants is very important. That's why we wanted to try the Protecta® net," say Michele and his father Giuseppe De Tomaso, of the De Tomaso farm in Polignano a Mare, Bari (IT), experimenting on 100 square metres with the Arrigoni Spa dense-meshed net.

Energy and agriculture: protection and agro-photovoltaics panels for cherry orchards

Planting systems

12 Jul 2024

One of the great advantages of this new technology is that thanks to its height (4.5 metres) it acts as a physical protection against damage caused by rain and hail, greatly reducing fruit splitting, which generates losses in the millions every year.

Technical meeting on cherry tree varieties and defence: preview of results from Agrion Foundation


12 Jul 2024

Agrion researchers Davide Nari and Valentina Roera presented the latest developments in cherry and apricot variety comparisons, while Francesca Pettiti and Luca Nari showed updates from the Forficula Auricolaria and Drosophila Suzukii trials.

Focus On

CS Laimburg: the new cherry orchards will be 2D systems and mechanised


24 Jun 2024

On Thursday, 20 June, a training meeting was held for farmers and technicians during which experts from CS Laimburg presented the results of the latest ongoing trials focusing on planting systems and techniques for managing cerasites.

Costs and profitability of cherry growing at different planting densities

Tech management

11 Jun 2024

The study compared 3 Grace Star plants with increasing density (low, medium and high), without cover, between the provinces of Modena and Forlì-Cesena. As the data show, the cherry tree in Emilia-Romagna is still a profitable investment.

Problems and prospects for cherry growing in northern Italy: -15% of production in 15 years


15 May 2024

Italy continues to lose positions in the ranking of the largest cherry producers in the world. Currently, the beautiful country is in seventh place, surpassed by Spain and chased by Greece. In just three five-year periods, national production has dropped by 15%.

How to produce quality cherries? The answer from the International Congress at Macfrut 2024


14 May 2024

Biosolutions can become a fundamental "pivot" for setting innovative technical lines worldwide. May 9th within Macfrut 2024 the International Congress titled: "Which biosolutions for quality cherries?" took place. Summaries of the presentations will be published on Cherry Times.

Growth in world trade over the last ten years shows over 900,000 tonnes and +266% growth


24 Apr 2024

From 2013 to 2022, world production increased from 2.3 to 2.75 million tonnes, while trade flows rose from 350,000 to 940,000 tonnes, an increase of 266%. The value of traded goods reached a record 4.3 billion euro.

The evolution of cherry production over the last 15 years


15 Apr 2024

World supply rose from 1.85 to 2.75 million tonnes from 2008 to 2022, an increase of about 50%. The geography of world supply has not changed substantially over the past 15 years, although a concentration in a few countries can be observed.

Rebirth from bacterial cancer of the cherry tree

Crop protection

29 Mar 2024

Today's cherry growers are confronted with cherry blight, caused by the bacterium Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae. In recent years, the disease has appeared more frequently in high and very high density planting and dwarfing rootstocks.

The picture of the economic sustainability of fruit-growing sector

Tech management

25 Mar 2024

A recent study analyzed production costs and average margins of the main species in the Emilia-Romagna region. From the comparison it emerges that cherry trees confirm themselves as one of the few fruit species capable of achieving full economic sustainability.

Cherries: what future?


25 Mar 2024

This was the title of the meeting held on 15 March at the operational headquarters of the OP Giuliano - PugliaFruit in Rutigliano, where the problems of a sector that shows alarming signs of little interest and from agricultural entrepreneurs were discussed.


At Vivai Battistini the ribbon was cut for VitroLeaf, Europe's largest propagation laboratory


08 May 2024

Not a simple laboratory but a true vertical farm animated by robots that speed up work thanks to production in a sterile environment. Paolo Laghi explains the novelty of this innovation to Cherry Times.

MAF Roda, artificial intelligence in the service of quality


23 Feb 2024

The Cherry Way IV grader is a complex machine,' Masotti told us, 'it is integrated with the Cherryscan 7 vision system that uses AI. The multi-spectral infrared camera that analyses the fruit does so by taking colour photos at five different wavelengths'.

TOMRA LUCAi™ for InVision2 grading platform boosts efficiency and profitability of cherry packing operations


20 Feb 2024

Benedetta Ricci Iamino, Global Category Director – Cherries at TOMRA Food says: “LUCAi™ for InVision2 represents a substantial leap forward. The LUCAi™ platform, in fact, allows to process cherries at a higher speed (+15% kg per hour per lane) while optimizing defect sorting.

Salvi Vivai invests in a new experimental cherry orchard


15 Jan 2024

The year 2024 starts under the best omen for Salvi Vivai. In 2023, the new experimental cherry orchard was planted and the new micropropagation laboratory officially started. The new team is working at full speed to produce plants that are already in order.

Cherry Times wishes you happy holidays and a happy New Year!


25 Dec 2023

In this year's finale, the Cherry Times team would like to express its gratitude to all readers who have chosen us as their preferred source of information to understand and delve into the wonderful world revolving around the fruit of paradise: the cherry.

Top Plant Nurseries' new varieties and rootstock trials


22 Dec 2023

Top Plant Nurseries has been responding to the demand for certified plants for Italian and foreign fruit growers for more than 30 years. Today the nursery is managed by Enrico Mazzon, and it'is with him that we want to delve into the working method of Top Plant Nurseries.

Danese, a Hydrocooling System directly in the field

Post-harvest​ Quality

03 Nov 2023

The Veneto-based group, which has been involved in cold management for more than 35 years, is working on eliminating the time between the cherry's detachment from the plant and the moment when the temperature is lowered, with the 'Danese Hydrocooling System'.

Vivai Mazzoni: with Bibaum®, the climate crisis is less frightening


20 Oct 2023

Vivai Mazzoni, part of the Mazzoni Group, a company that has been active in the agri-food industry for more than 50 years, is convinced that the Bibaum® system can help to cope with such a challenging climate scenario.

Cultivating success: the insights of Vivai Spinelli, the Italian fruit tree specialist


22 Sep 2023

The company Vivai Spinelli has made a name for itself in the industry thanks to its complete management of the production cycle, from the initial propagation phase to the distribution of mature plants on the market. Vito Spinelli spoke for Cherry Times.

Tomra Food and Icoel together represent over 60% of the Italian market


14 Jul 2023

In November 2022, TOMRA Food and ICOEL S.r.l. reached an agreement that defines ICOEL as TOMRA Food's integrated business partner for Europe and preferred partner for cherry technologies in Latin America.

Danese, ad-hoc refrigeration and energy efficiency


26 May 2023

Danese Group has been active in the refrigeration systems sector for over 30 years. In this interview, Matteo Danese analyses with Cherry Times the solutions developed for companies in the cherry sector.

How end-to-end line solutions for cherry packhouses are improving efficiencies and profitability


16 May 2023

With global demand on the rise and exports increasing, the challenges for the cherry sector are getting tougher. Packaging centres are under pressure as they have to handle higher volumes and have to maintain or improve quality.

Giacovelli: new varieties and zero residue cherries

Markets Production

27 Apr 2023

With a turnover of over 60 million euro, Giacovelli srl is one of the leading producers and marketers of fruit and vegetables in Apulia. Its passion and specialisation for cherries makes it one of Italy's leading producers of the red summer fruit.

Battistini Vivai: 70 years of reliable and productive cherry trees and rootstocks


04 Apr 2023

Battistini Vivai is a 'historical' company with more than 70 years of activity and composed of a young and motivated team, a combination of solid experience with strong roots in the agricultural tradition of Romagna and an ambitious and innovative approach.