Post-harvest: WSU compares MAP bag and controlled atmosphere storage


08 Dec 2023

Carolina Torres presented the results of three years of field trials comparing different preservation methods for different cultivars (Bing, Sweetheart, Skeena, Rainier) when the aim is precisely to preserve cherries for 30 days + 4.

Sweet Aryana conquers Chile: 350 ha of plants sold in 2023

Press review Varieties

07 Dec 2023

ANA Chile had sold about 700,000 cherry plants, more than half of which were Sweet Aryana, which would be equivalent to about 350 hectares, considering about 1,200 plants per hectare. The Pacific Red variety follows: ANA Chile sold 131,000 plants of this variety in 2023.

A new (non-destructive) method to identify decay and ripening stage of cherries


07 Dec 2023

The approach shows excellent performance in cherry recognition. It is remarkable that the training time of Swin Transformer and MLP was only 78.43 seconds (when in the absence of MLP the training time was 551.24 seconds) and that their recognition accuracy peaked at 98.5%.

Turkey is the leading country in cherry production with 23.7% of world product

Markets Production Press review

06 Dec 2023

According to Faostat, total cherry production in the world reached 2,765,827 tons in 2022. Turkey ranked first in cherry production with 656,041 tons, followed by Chile and Uzbekistan.

Sweet and sour cherry varietal innovations and breeding program in Hungary

Breeding Varieties

06 Dec 2023

The latest releases are ʿPapillon®ʾ, a bicolor cherry that tastes sweet, ripens 3 weeks after ʿBurlatʾ and ʿKira®ʾ, an early-mid-season large, shiny, firm cherry, both are distributed by Artevos who supports the breeding program.

Australia report: Rabobank secures room for growth, but climate and logistics remain biggest challenges

Markets Press review

05 Dec 2023

Pia Piggott, associate analyst at RaboResearch, says export markets are particularly important: "Exports account for about 25 percent of the Australian cherry industry's sales volume, but nearly 40 percent of the value of sales".

Discovering Weigi®, new dwarfing and semi-dwarfing rootstocks for cherry trees

Breeding Rootstocks

05 Dec 2023

The trials, Stoppel points out, were very promising, particularly for four clones (Weigi® 1, Weigi® 2, Weigi® 3 and Weigi® 4), which were registered, patented and commercially licensed. The license for in vitro propagation was awarded to Vitroplant of Cesena, Italy.

Development of new sour cherry varieties at the Julius Kühn-Institut in Dresden-Pillnitz

Breeding Varieties

04 Dec 2023

Eight new cultivars have already been released since 2001, 'Jade', Achat', 'Spinell', 'Turmalin', 'Taurus', 'Rubellit', 'Jachim', and 'Boas'. Two new breeding clones are currently in multi-site testing and 87 clones are in stage II evaluation.

Mechanization of cherry orchards, the in-depth study from WSU

Tech management

01 Dec 2023

During an event of WSU's own, Prof. Matthew Whiting of the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture took stock of the state of research with his paper titled 'Opportunities for Mechanization in Cherry Production".

Dutoit leading the way to South Africa cherries around the globe

Markets Production

01 Dec 2023

Dutoit, one of the leading companies in the fresh produce business in South Africa, is accelerating its investments in the production, packaging, and export of cherries, a new cycle of investments that quickly expanded to a total area of 300 hectares across 6 different farms.

Focus On

Discovering Weigi®, new dwarfing and semi-dwarfing rootstocks for cherry trees

Breeding Rootstocks

05 Dec 2023

The trials, Stoppel points out, were very promising, particularly for four clones (Weigi® 1, Weigi® 2, Weigi® 3 and Weigi® 4), which were registered, patented and commercially licensed. The license for in vitro propagation was awarded to Vitroplant of Cesena, Italy.

Read and download the new Cherry Times magazine


13 Oct 2023

Read, consult and download the first issue of Cherry Times Magazine. Inside you can find all the major news, together with information and specific content on all sectors of the cherry industry!

How the seasonality of consumption affects the environmental performance of fruit supply chains: the case of cherries in China

Consumption Production

07 Sep 2023

Several conclusions can be drawn: of great importance is the efficiency of orchard management, the impact of which on total emissions is still significant. In the distribution phase, low-impact transport systems, such as those by sea, should undoubtedly be favoured.

Costs and profitability of High-Density and Ultra-High-Density cherry plantations in Wasco County (USA)

Tech management

25 Aug 2023

One of the most topical issues in modern cerasiculture is undoubtedly that of comparing plants with different densities. Increased density leads to higher initial costs and a shorter productive life span of the plants, two factors with a high impact on production costs.

CrackSense is the new project that hopes to solve the cracking problem

Crop protection

10 Aug 2023

The CrackSense project, coordinated by the research institute Volcani Center (Israel), was initiated in 2023. Its ambition is to better understand and predict the complex phenomenon of fruit cracking, a major agronomic problem, at the fruit, tree and plot level.

In its own small way... in cherry orchards, Piedmont invests big!


09 Aug 2023

Piedmont is one of the few Italian regions showing signs of vitality in the cherry sector. In fact, while other regions have been struggling for years to maintain their positions as leading regions, from Piedmont there is renewed interest in the red fruit of paradise. But why?

An Italy-wide analysis of the costs and problems of modern cerasiculture

Tech management

04 Aug 2023

Today cherry cultivation involves densities of up to a few thousand plants/ha. Intensification tends to result in earlier entry into production and improved fruit quality, but this is counterbalanced by higher planting costs and a shorter productive life of the plants.

Catania, a promising new cherry variety


01 Aug 2023

When you have a strong passion for your work sometimes a little effort is enough to achieve great results. Cherry Times is pleased to publish Stefano Lugli's interview with Luis Lasarte, Catania's dad.

From the Apennines to the Andes: the worldwide success of Sweet Aryana®


21 Jul 2023

Born and bred in Italy on the slopes of the Modenese Apennines (Vignola, Italy) Sweet Aryana has found one of her earthly paradises on the other side of the Andes. With 2000 hectares invested and 2 million plants in the nursery Sweet Aryana is generating strong interest in Chile.


Danese, a Hydrocooling System directly in the field

Post-harvest​ Quality

03 Nov 2023

The Veneto-based group, which has been involved in cold management for more than 35 years, is working on eliminating the time between the cherry's detachment from the plant and the moment when the temperature is lowered, with the 'Danese Hydrocooling System'.

Vivai Mazzoni: with Bibaum®, the climate crisis is less frightening

Rootstocks Nurseries

20 Oct 2023

Vivai Mazzoni, part of the Mazzoni Group, a company that has been active in the agri-food industry for more than 50 years, is convinced that the Bibaum® system can help to cope with such a challenging climate scenario.

Cultivating success: the insights of Vivai Spinelli, the Italian fruit tree specialist

Breeding Planting systems Nurseries

22 Sep 2023

The company Vivai Spinelli has made a name for itself in the industry thanks to its complete management of the production cycle, from the initial propagation phase to the distribution of mature plants on the market. Vito Spinelli spoke for Cherry Times.

Tomra Food and Icoel together represent over 60% of the Italian market


14 Jul 2023

In November 2022, TOMRA Food and ICOEL S.r.l. reached an agreement that defines ICOEL as TOMRA Food's integrated business partner for Europe and preferred partner for cherry technologies in Latin America.

Danese, ad-hoc refrigeration and energy efficiency


26 May 2023

Danese Group has been active in the refrigeration systems sector for over 30 years. In this interview, Matteo Danese analyses with Cherry Times the solutions developed for companies in the cherry sector.

How end-to-end line solutions for cherry packhouses are improving efficiencies and profitability


16 May 2023

With global demand on the rise and exports increasing, the challenges for the cherry sector are getting tougher. Packaging centres are under pressure as they have to handle higher volumes and have to maintain or improve quality.

Giacovelli: new varieties and zero residue cherries

Markets Production

27 Apr 2023

With a turnover of over 60 million euro, Giacovelli srl is one of the leading producers and marketers of fruit and vegetables in Apulia. Its passion and specialisation for cherries makes it one of Italy's leading producers of the red summer fruit.

Battistini Vivai: 70 years of reliable and productive cherry trees and rootstocks


04 Apr 2023

Battistini Vivai is a 'historical' company with more than 70 years of activity and composed of a young and motivated team, a combination of solid experience with strong roots in the agricultural tradition of Romagna and an ambitious and innovative approach.