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Sweet Aryana conquers Chile: 350 ha of plants sold in 2023

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07 Dec 2023

ANA Chile had sold about 700,000 cherry plants, more than half of which were Sweet Aryana, which would be equivalent to about 350 hectares, considering about 1,200 plants per hectare. The Pacific Red variety follows: ANA Chile sold 131,000 plants of this variety in 2023.

Sweet and sour cherry varietal innovations and breeding program in Hungary

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06 Dec 2023

The latest releases are ʿPapillon®ʾ, a bicolor cherry that tastes sweet, ripens 3 weeks after ʿBurlatʾ and ʿKira®ʾ, an early-mid-season large, shiny, firm cherry, both are distributed by Artevos who supports the breeding program.

Development of new sour cherry varieties at the Julius Kühn-Institut in Dresden-Pillnitz

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04 Dec 2023

Eight new cultivars have already been released since 2001, 'Jade', Achat', 'Spinell', 'Turmalin', 'Taurus', 'Rubellit', 'Jachim', and 'Boas'. Two new breeding clones are currently in multi-site testing and 87 clones are in stage II evaluation.

Progress for Chilean variety S-21: first official launch scheduled for 2025

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30 Nov 2023

After obtaining unanimous approval from INIA's Regional Committee for the Release of New Varieties, S-21 will go through the registration process with the Chilean Agriculture and Livestock Service next year to become a commercial variety.

Development of new sweet cherry varieties at the Julius Kühn-Institut in Dresden-Pillnitz

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30 Nov 2023

Seven new cultivars have already been released: Narana, Swing® PiSue 192, Habunt, Areko, Polka, Aria® PiSue 161, and PiSue 177. Nineteen new promising breeding clones are currently under multi-site testing and approximately 100 clones are in stage II evaluation.

ANA Chile® shows promising early cherry varieties in the northern area

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21 Nov 2023

The first part of the event took place at the Hotel Limarí, where consultant Walter Masman and Lorena Pinto, pome and cherry product manager of ANA Chile, presented. On the second day, the Field Day took place in a test block located in Recoleta, Ovalle.

COT INTERNATIONAL: the new cherry variety breeder and editor you can count on

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20 Nov 2023

More than 250 crosses have already been made, using a genetic collection of over 50 varieties of diverse origins. The best ones are then grafted onto Maxma Delbard® 14 Brokforest for a second evaluation. Today, more than 80 grafted selections will go into production in 2024/25.

New Field Day of PMG, INIA's breeding program for new Chilean varieties

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10 Nov 2023

According to Giovanni Lobos, researcher at INIA, the objective of the activity was to show the progress and status of segregants that could become possible varieties that are adapted to the climate of the Coquimbo Region or other early areas of the country.

Difficulties and problems in Spain for the mountain cherry, Asaja Alicante against the regional organisation

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09 Nov 2023

The previous Ministry had been asked for a long-term viability plan to save the cherry harvest and to respond to last year's vulnerable situation, but farmers have not yet received a response from the regional administration.

What are the biggest challenges for Peru? Interview with Gerd Burmester

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08 Nov 2023

Peruvians face several challenges, but according to Gerd Burmester, director of Vecs Peru, there are several reasons for this negative result, but the main one has to do with the selected varieties, which are not adapted to the country's climatic conditions.