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Turkey is the leading country in cherry production with 23.7% of world product

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06 Dec 2023

According to Faostat, total cherry production in the world reached 2,765,827 tons in 2022. Turkey ranked first in cherry production with 656,041 tons, followed by Chile and Uzbekistan.

Australia report: Rabobank secures room for growth, but climate and logistics remain biggest challenges

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05 Dec 2023

Pia Piggott, associate analyst at RaboResearch, says export markets are particularly important: "Exports account for about 25 percent of the Australian cherry industry's sales volume, but nearly 40 percent of the value of sales".

Dutoit leading the way to South Africa cherries around the globe

Markets Production

01 Dec 2023

Dutoit, one of the leading companies in the fresh produce business in South Africa, is accelerating its investments in the production, packaging, and export of cherries, a new cycle of investments that quickly expanded to a total area of 300 hectares across 6 different farms.

South African season peak: Tru-Cape laments weather conditions, 20% loss on production


28 Nov 2023

The total Tru-Cape crop dropped from an estimated 520 tons to just over 400 tons due to unfavorable weather conditions, especially during flowering and fruit set, also blamed on a frost wave in September that affected several producers.

Copefrut promotes BoBan, the brand to conquer the Chinese market in the 2023-2024 season


22 Nov 2023

Fuenzalida points out that Boban is the Chinese name by which Copefrut has long been known in the Asian market. Leveraging this capital of knowledge and penetration, it will be the brand under which they will try to win the palate and recognition of Chinese consumers.

Chilean exports to the USA on the rise: Chilean Fresh Fruit Association estimates +22% increase

Markets Press review

16 Nov 2023

Brux stated that Chile could reach 140 million crates by 2025/26. China, Chile's main market, absorbs 89% of the total harvest. US exports are also growing, with volumes rising from 1.4 (2020/21) to 3.6 million in 2022/23.

Impact of the weather: rain and temperatures create difficulties for the Chilean season

Markets Quality

13 Nov 2023

Expectations were to reach 100 million boxes, but according to Claudio Araya, agricultural manager of Frutera San Fernando, thanks to weather and logistics, 85 million boxes will be reached, slightly more than last year's season.

What are the biggest challenges for Peru? Interview with Gerd Burmester

Breeding Markets Varieties

08 Nov 2023

Peruvians face several challenges, but according to Gerd Burmester, director of Vecs Peru, there are several reasons for this negative result, but the main one has to do with the selected varieties, which are not adapted to the country's climatic conditions.

What strategies to resist climate change? Álvaro Sepúlveda shares them with us

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27 Oct 2023

Chile experienced a boom in cherry cultivation over the past 20 years. According to ODEPA data, in 2022 the total number of hectares under sweet cherry cultivation was 61,559, in 2004 it was just over 7,000.

New phytosanitary agreements: Northwest cherries establish export with India

Markets Press review

23 Oct 2023

The agreement allows shippers to demonstrate that they follow a seasonal method to keep pests and diseases out of cherry shipments. The new method will mean better quality on the shelves of shops in Indian cities.