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Agricooler: innovative new covers for heat management


13 Jun 2024

This innovative fabric, patented by the Spanish company Agralia, incorporates aluminium microparticles to improve cold storage. The microparticles in Agricooler block infrared radiation, which is responsible for heat transmission.

Riveridge Land invests in covers and protective nets to face the climate challenge


06 Jun 2024

Justin Finkler, owner of Riveridge Land Co. in Michigan, believes Riveridge is the only farm in Michigan to cover cherries: the new plantings, whose ultimate goal is high density, will all be designed with V- and UFO trellis systems.

Response to climate change: cherries under greenhouse for protection and minimum treatments


30 May 2024

‘Thanks to the protection, the cherries are safe, the number of treatments is 75% less than in the open field,’ says Moreno Morisi, ‘the quality is excellent and the production is without residues. And I have the guarantee of harvesting as much as budgeted’.

A cover system with automatic roof and retractable walls for weatherproof cultivation

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17 Nov 2023

Not a greenhouse, not traditional rain covers, but a new cultivation system: Cravo Equipment LTD has recently introduced the Automatic Auto-Dry Rain Shelter to the market, which is a cover system with retractable roof and walls, automated.

What are the effects of auto-vented covers on microclimate and fruit quality?


24 Aug 2023

The study conducted by researchers at the University of Tasmania (Australia) aimed to examine the effects of these modern cover systems on the microclimate, water uptake and quality of fruit produced in covered sweet cherry orchard.

To cover (with multifunctional nets) or not to cover? The answer lies in the type of plantation


18 Jul 2023

In this article, we present the results of a study conducted at the University of Bologna, which aimed to evaluate the reaction of plants grafted on rootstocks of different vigor to single-row “Keep-in-touch®” cover.

Effect of multifunctional nets on high-density cherry crops


20 Jun 2023

At the IX International Cherry Symposium in Beijing there was much discussion on cherry covers and their impact on fruit growth and quality. Here a summary of the work presented by Andrea Giovannini and the Fruit Tree Ecophysiology group of DISTAL - University of Bologna.

Greenhouse farming technology and production of sweet cherries in greenhouses: a Chinese perspective

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26 May 2023

Dr. Hui Zhao addresses the topic of greenhouse cultivation in the Chinese area of Dalian. This area is located in Liaodong Peninsula and is characterized by a continental climate with cold winters and hot, rainy summers.

Experimental programme for the integrated management of cherry trees against Drosophila suzukii and physiopathologies

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12 May 2023

Experiences with the application of multifunctional insect nets, territorial biological control and the attract & kill technique in Vignola. The study project on integrated cherry tree management is entering the third year of the work programme.

Multifunctional covers are key tools for cherry orchard sustainability


01 May 2023

The adoption of multi-functional covers in orchard systems is widely increasing due to their protective function against biotic and abiotic stressors.