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Biocontrol of bacterial cancer of the cherry tree: perspectives from Chile

Crop protection

18 Jun 2024

Bacterial canker shows a wide variability, influenced by agro-climatic conditions and crop management practices. This variability is observed both in terms of incidence (1% to 30% or more) and symptom intensity in different locations and cultivars.

Diagnostic and historical surveys of sweet cherry virus and virus-like diseases in Oregon

Crop protection

14 Jun 2024

Statewide surveys were conducted in Oregon sweet cherry orchards for virus and virus-like diversity and distribution. A subsequent survey was conducted in the Mid-Columbia production region for the presence of little cherry symptoms associated with little cherry and X-Diseases.

O'Higgins cherries (Chile) quarantined due to fruit fly presence

Crop protection

14 Jun 2024

Frutas de Chile and the Servicio Agrícola y Ganadero (SAG) are already working to mitigate the impact of this quarantine. Representatives of the two organisations are in China to propose alternatives that could make it less burdensome for Chilean producers.

From Ri.Nova a ‘green’ shield against insects and hail: cherries smile again with the ‘SMILE’ project

Crop protection

07 Jun 2024

Less chemicals, more protection from rain, hail and insects. The challenge has been taken up by Ri.Nova and Unibo, who, in collaboration with the Vignola Cherry Consortium, have come up with a number of innovative systems for the defence of cherry cultivation.

Controlling San José Scale with new chemicals: a possible solution?

Crop protection

03 Jun 2024

A US study evaluated the efficacy of two San Jose mealybug defence programmes in black cherry using Sivanto Prime 200SL and flupyradifuron 300SL. Due to the slow onset of action of the treatments, the results did not show significant data.

Strategies for monitoring and controlling harmful insects in cherry orchards

Crop protection

22 May 2024

Capturing and monitoring insects with attractive traps is crucial to decide on treatments in time and prevent problems during fruit ripening. Recently, traps without liquids have been introduced that simplify the control of D. suzukii.

How to combat Drosophila suzukii in 2024: the CTIFL guide

Crop protection

03 May 2024

In 2023, the CTIFL launched a trial to evaluate protection strategies. Six strategies were compared, two of which can be used in organic farming. These strategies are based on products available with perennial marketing authorization or 120-day marketing authorization in 2023.

The use of ethyl propionate may bring results against the dreaded Drosophila suzukii

Crop protection

26 Apr 2024

A study conducted at the NIAB in East Malling and the NIR at the University of Greenwich (UK) determined whether repellents, formulated in specially designed controlled-release dispensers, could reduce damage to strawberries caused by D. suzukii under semi-field conditions.

In Vignola (IT) a study against Drosophila suzukii to improve quality and sustainability

Crop protection

17 Apr 2024

Initial results show that the Attract & Kill strategy combined with multifunctional nets can reduce the use of insecticides while providing effective protection. The programme will continue in 2024 with the extension of the experimental field in Vignola.

USDA blocks cherry imports from Quebec, fruit fly emergency

Crop protection

10 Apr 2024

The United States has banned the entry of cherries from Quebec, Canada, following the detection of the European cherry fruit fly in the province. The notice expands the 2017 import ban on cherries from Ontario. Other Canadian provinces must certify the origin of their cherries.