MAF Roda's new software offers functionality and adaptation for cherry growers

22 Apr 2024

The new cherry quality software for Cherryscan G7 aims to make day-to-day operations much easier for operators. It has a much more simplified and intuitive interface and new features that offer the operator much easier interaction with the machine, without compromising the accuracy of the system.

The company is launching this new software with the specific working environment of cherry growers in mind, to fully adapt to their production model characterised by very short seasons and high labour turnover. The new interface further democratises the management of quality systems, greatly simplifying the way the operator interacts with the machine.

One of its great advantages is the ability to make all settings from a single screen. The at-a-glance display of all parameters and functionalities saves time for the operator, who can quickly identify the production status and results for each defect.

Another new feature is the possibility of easy adjustment by clicking on a plus or minus to increase or decrease the sensitivity in detecting each of the defects. More experienced users can also access other parameters if they wish, which will allow them to further customise the system. In this way, the software adapts to different levels of operator knowledge.

To give the operator even more confidence and autonomy, on the same single screen, before accepting changes to parameter settings, the operator can see estimates of the impact these changes will have on machine performance. This impact preview allows the operator to test the different options before finally implementing them in production, correcting and specifying the settings to be implemented as much as possible.

This software represents a further step in the democratisation of quality system management. The simplification of the interface makes machine operation much easier. With this new interface, an operator can work with the machine after only a few hours of training.

MAF RODA assures us that it is currently offering a solution with advantages not offered by other competitors. A patented system that rotates the cherry transversely and allows the entire surface of the cherry to be analysed 100%, including the apical area. If you combine this with the quality system and this new intuitive and easy-to-use software, you have a very powerful solution on the market that could be a quantum leap never seen before.

Fonte: Fruit Today
Image: MAF Roda

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