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Bad weather in Veneto (IT): cracking on early varieties and Drosophila suzukii feared

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16 May 2024

The start of the harvest, originally scheduled for May 20th, will be compromised by the impending losses due to prolonged rains and low temperatures for the season, while late varieties, with a delay in ripening, seem to have been saved for the moment.

Phenological models for optimized orchard management

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16 May 2024

The aim of the research was to develop and validate phenological models for eight sweet cherry varieties. The stochastic single-molecule approach facilitated a better understanding of phenology prerequisites, providing valuable data for agricultural management.

Mode of action of Calcium in reducing macrocracking of sweet cherry fruit

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15 May 2024

The objective of the German study was to identify the physiological mechanism through which Ca reduces rain macrocracking (rain cracking) in sweet cherry fruit. Results demonstrate that multiple applications of CaCl2 were not effective in decreasing fruit macrocracking.

Nanoparticles to interrupt dormancy and anticipate vegetative recovery

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02 May 2024

Research conducted between Chinese and Saudi Arabian universities show that the combination of α-Fe2O3 nanoparticles and gibberellic acid efficiently break bud dormancy in sweet cherry trees in a short period of time reducing abscisic acid levels and inducing bud break.

The use of fruit cuticle supplements as a prevention against cracking

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24 Apr 2024

The supplements help protect the fruit by preventing water absorption by coating the fruit with a hydrophobic layer. These supplements can also be used post-harvest to reduce doubling in the following growing season.

Innovation against frost: drones and technology to map temperatures

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18 Apr 2024

A Washington State University research project aims to map air temperatures on frosty nights with a combination of data from AgWeatherNet's Tier 1 stations, which stand 30 feet high and record temperatures between 1.5 and 9 metres.

Robots to help cherry growers in New Zealand

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10 Apr 2024

Burro units are fully electrified, allowing to greatly enhance sustainable footprint in operations, with estimated reduction in carbon emissions of up to 80,000kg’s of C02e annually, and 70% reduction in running costs per 40-hectares block of cherries.

Dormancy and leaf fall: underlying factors and their importance for the productivity of the orchard

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27 Mar 2024

In years when leaf fall is irregular, it is not possible to have good disease control management, as waiting for certain levels of leaf fall leaves orchards uncovered and with permanent conditions that favour infection.

Managing the harvest load is crucial according to Washington State University

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26 Mar 2024

Matt Whiting, WSU physiologist, encouraged farmers to consider crop load management as a 15-month process: from flower bud initiation in spring to harvest in summer. Along the way, farmers have tools to intervene.

The picture of the economic sustainability of fruit-growing sector

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25 Mar 2024

A recent study analyzed production costs and average margins of the main species in the Emilia-Romagna region. From the comparison it emerges that cherry trees confirm themselves as one of the few fruit species capable of achieving full economic sustainability.