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Mechanization of cherry orchards, the in-depth study from WSU

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01 Dec 2023

During an event of WSU's own, Prof. Matthew Whiting of the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture took stock of the state of research with his paper titled 'Opportunities for Mechanization in Cherry Production".

Amino acids can be used to make plants more resistant to waterlogging

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23 Nov 2023

Rootstock tolerance to conditions of soil saturation can be improved through the activation of enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidant defence mechanisms by the application of amino acids that can improve the plants' response to unfavourable conditions caused by water logging.

Michigan State University proposes research against replanting problems

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21 Nov 2023

The MSU team's goal is to test management practices that can reduce replanting problems, decrease nematode damage and increase cherry tree growth, with the aim of producing 'solid recommendations' for growers.

What strategies to resist climate change? Álvaro Sepúlveda shares them with us

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27 Oct 2023

Chile experienced a boom in cherry cultivation over the past 20 years. According to ODEPA data, in 2022 the total number of hectares under sweet cherry cultivation was 61,559, in 2004 it was just over 7,000.

Slow progress for cherries in Peru. The problem? Chilling requirement

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20 Oct 2023

The problem is the hours of cold. We speak of temperatures below 7° or 8°; and these temperatures do not occur on the Peruvian coast. Today, with the varieties tested, it is not possible to produce cherries in Peru; you get to flowering, but then the fruit does not set.

Secondary metabolites in buds: a clue to bud break

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09 Oct 2023

The results validate the biological activity in buds during the winter period. Although it is evident that ABA has a distinct temporal shift following the release of endo-dormancy, it emerges as the main metabolite responsible for the eco-dormancy phase.

Boron stimulates fruit formation and reprograms the development metabolism

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05 Oct 2023

In Prunus species, it forms complexes with sorbitol and fructose, which allow it to move through the phloem. During the initial growth phase, fruits exposed to boron exhibited a lower presence of heat shock proteins.

The effects of thinning impact fruit quality and can increase sugar and anthocyanin content

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02 Oct 2023

In addition to influencing the distribution of assimilates, the removal of a portion of spurs during the dormant period improves the distribution of assimilates among a smaller number of fruits, thus facilitating a more harmonious relationship between growth and fruiting.

Thinning techniques in relation to different rootstock type

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26 Sep 2023

The results of comparative experiments conducted on self-fertile 'Lapins' sweet cherry trees reveal that the rootstocks Gi 154/7 and Gisela 4 resulted in the highest yield per tree and yield efficiency, especially in terms of producing fruit weighing approximately 7 grammes.

An insight into Regina's challenges according to Juan Pablo Zoffoli

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25 Sep 2023

Is a solution possible? The expert is optimistic and has already taken an important step by defining that one of the important variables affecting post-harvest sensitivity is maturity and therefore its monitoring. But this is not the only challenge.