Chilean exports to the USA on the rise: Chilean Fresh Fruit Association estimates +22% increase

16 Nov 2023

The Chilean Fresh Fruit Association (CFFA) anticipates a further increase in Chilean cherry exports to the United States for the upcoming season, with an initial estimate of 101 million boxes, indicating a 22% growth. CFFA's CEO, Karen Brux, highlighted the phenomenal growth of the Chilean cherry industry over the past decade, moving from 10 million boxes to 83 million boxes. Looking ahead to 2025/26, Brux stated that Chile could reach 140 million boxes.

The rise in U.S. imports of Chilean cherries is evident, with volumes growing from 1.4 million boxes in 2020/21 to 3.6 million in 2022/23. China remains Chile's main market, absorbing 89% of the total harvest. To support the increased supply, CFFA has announced a significant investment in marketing higher volumes, focusing efforts on promoting Chilean cherries among U.S. consumers and educating them about the winter availability of this fruit.

Brux emphasized the need to invest in retail programs that raise awareness among retailers about the availability of Chilean cherries during the winter months. Additionally, CFFA plans to reach consumers directly through social media, using a monthly newsletter that will include crucial updates on harvests from Chile and marketing information from the United States.

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Chilean exports to the USA on the rise: Chilean Fresh Fruit Association estimates +22% increase

Markets Press review

16 Nov 2023

Brux stated that Chile could reach 140 million crates by 2025/26. China, Chile's main market, absorbs 89% of the total harvest. US exports are also growing, with volumes rising from 1.4 (2020/21) to 3.6 million in 2022/23.

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