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Sweet Aryana conquers Chile: 350 ha of plants sold in 2023

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07 Dec 2023

ANA Chile had sold about 700,000 cherry plants, more than half of which were Sweet Aryana, which would be equivalent to about 350 hectares, considering about 1,200 plants per hectare. The Pacific Red variety follows: ANA Chile sold 131,000 plants of this variety in 2023.

Turkey is the leading country in cherry production with 23.7% of world product

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06 Dec 2023

According to Faostat, total cherry production in the world reached 2,765,827 tons in 2022. Turkey ranked first in cherry production with 656,041 tons, followed by Chile and Uzbekistan.

Australia report: Rabobank secures room for growth, but climate and logistics remain biggest challenges

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05 Dec 2023

Pia Piggott, associate analyst at RaboResearch, says export markets are particularly important: "Exports account for about 25 percent of the Australian cherry industry's sales volume, but nearly 40 percent of the value of sales".

Progress for Chilean variety S-21: first official launch scheduled for 2025

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30 Nov 2023

After obtaining unanimous approval from INIA's Regional Committee for the Release of New Varieties, S-21 will go through the registration process with the Chilean Agriculture and Livestock Service next year to become a commercial variety.

Argentine Producers Association predicts 6,000 tons: estimated 50 percent for domestic market

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27 Nov 2023

The main characteristic of this season is that the harvest is about 7-10 days later than usual. This is mainly due to unseasonal weather, with a low temperature range between day and night.

Chilean exports to the USA on the rise: Chilean Fresh Fruit Association estimates +22% increase

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16 Nov 2023

Brux stated that Chile could reach 140 million crates by 2025/26. China, Chile's main market, absorbs 89% of the total harvest. US exports are also growing, with volumes rising from 1.4 (2020/21) to 3.6 million in 2022/23.

Chile hit by bad weather, estimated 30% loss on early varieties

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07 Nov 2023

In an interview with La Tribuna, Jorge Valenzuela, president of the fruit growers' federation Fedefruta, said that the rains caused losses in early varieties and left growers struggling with waterlogged soil.

Studies from California reveal some problems with insecticide resistance of Drosophila suzukii

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03 Nov 2023

Scientific studies have shown a decrease in susceptibility of SWD adults to Spinosad, malathion and Spinetoram. In trials in which researchers expected 100% control of SWD, they found a mortality of between 55% and 75%.

From Spain motion against insurances: the Union of Trade Unions does not accept the proposal for the year 2024

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30 Oct 2023

These proposals, which would affect more than a third of current cherry insurance subscribers, would mean that in the event of a serious loss they would receive no compensation at all, and if the loss reached 100 per cent, they would not be compensated for more than 20 per cent.

New phytosanitary agreements: Northwest cherries establish export with India

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23 Oct 2023

The agreement allows shippers to demonstrate that they follow a seasonal method to keep pests and diseases out of cherry shipments. The new method will mean better quality on the shelves of shops in Indian cities.