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Cherry Growers Australia shows the qualities of the Pergola system found in a Chilean orchard

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11 Mar 2024

Cherry Growers Australia Inc demonstrates the innovative pergola training system. The system promotes early fruit production, optimal fruit quality and a host of other benefits, potentially achieving impressive yields of up to 300 kg per day.

INSTINCT project: Laimburg Centre and Bozen University on the development of new smart solutions against harmful insects

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08 Mar 2024

The project involves the development of traps using new attractants, smart sensors and artificial intelligence. The aim is to minimise the use of insecticides in agriculture with a more environmentally and economically sustainable strategy.

French genome-wide association studies identify 65 SNP-trait associations

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07 Mar 2024

Using 116 sweet cherry accessions, researchers analysed 23 agronomic fruit quality traits. The research uses genotyping by sequencing (GBS) to identify genetic markers associated with improved fruit quality.

Chilean project aims to predict flowering date to curb climate change

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06 Mar 2024

The Fondecyt 2024 project, assigned by Professor Eduardo Fernández, will be implemented nationwide, with around 40 orchards and also with consultants and research centres related to the topic, creating a collaboration strategy directly applicable to their orchards.

Adverse weather, but high quality cherries: Walter Masman's view of the Chilean season

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05 Mar 2024

This season was characterised by fruits of good size, texture and flavour. However, the varieties most affected by the weather were the early varieties, says Masman, who points out that in cold conditions, Santina was the most affected variety.

Triumph and challenges: Chile's contribution to the global cherry season in Decofrut's report

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04 Mar 2024

Despite a slight 1% drop in shipments compared to the previous year, over 413,000 tonnes of cherries were shipped worldwide. The Far East was confirmed as the main destination, with China taking 97% of the total.

Monitoring bud temperatures to prevent damage from spring frosts

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29 Feb 2024

Knowing the critical temperature at which buds are killed is crucial for taking timely action against frost. Cold hardiness models use air temperature as a predictive factor for specific critical temperatures of the cultivar.

Washington State University proposes work plan to prevent and combat X-disease

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28 Feb 2024

Welcome Sauer, an orchard analyst working with the university, hopes to distribute the model in the form of a workbook, so as to adjust the basic numbers for orchard operating costs to an economic model for X-disease mitigation.

Pairwise: US start-up relies on CRISPR technology to create stone-free cherries

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27 Feb 2024

The company is studying how to produce cherries without stone. We are therefore working on modifying the architecture of the plant,' says Tom Adams, CEO and co-founder of the company, 'so that it can be grown in a greenhouse like a blueberry, thus expanding the production area.

Frutas de Chile reveals Chile's top 10 exporters in the 2023-2024 season

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26 Feb 2024

Up to the sixth week, 82,452,392 five-kilo cases of cherries were exported in the 2023/2024 season, and although this figure is lower than the 83,220,842 cases exported in the 2022/2023 season, the figures are predictable after a difficult year for producers.