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Turkey is the leading country in cherry production with 23.7% of world product

Markets Production Press review

06 Dec 2023

According to Faostat, total cherry production in the world reached 2,765,827 tons in 2022. Turkey ranked first in cherry production with 656,041 tons, followed by Chile and Uzbekistan.

Dutoit leading the way to South Africa cherries around the globe

Markets Production

01 Dec 2023

Dutoit, one of the leading companies in the fresh produce business in South Africa, is accelerating its investments in the production, packaging, and export of cherries, a new cycle of investments that quickly expanded to a total area of 300 hectares across 6 different farms.

Difficulties and problems in Spain for the mountain cherry, Asaja Alicante against the regional organisation

Production Varieties

09 Nov 2023

The previous Ministry had been asked for a long-term viability plan to save the cherry harvest and to respond to last year's vulnerable situation, but farmers have not yet received a response from the regional administration.

New tests for Bloom Fresh: new trials in Chile, Peru and Brazil for early and low-chill requirement varieties

Breeding Production Varieties

02 Nov 2023

They will invest in tests in Arica, a northern region of Chile bordering Peru, and also in Brazil, where a professional, Bloom Fresh, will start exploring alliances to look for areas that can produce these fruits.

Sour cherry breeding in Poland: insights from an ongoing evolution

Breeding Production

01 Nov 2023

Among the cultivars produced by the Institute of Horticulture and Breeding are Wilen, Wilga, Lucyna, Wanda, Koral and Kolia. These new selections demonstrate the Polish institutes' commitment to new solutions that guarantee quality sour cherry production.

Elzbieta Rozpara: Polish sour cherry production and future research trends


31 Oct 2023

Poland is one of the leading fruit producers, with a per capita production of 146 kg of fruit. Among the cultivated species, the production of sour cherries stands out, reaching 183 thousand tonnes in 2022, making it one of the largest producers in the world.

Mendoza (Argentina): early start due to weather conditions

Production Varieties

20 Oct 2023

The farm Güizzo Frutas Frescas S.A., based in Mendoza, started the commercial harvest of this fruit produced in Argentina yesterday, 19 October, and for the third year in a row it has succeeded in starting in week 42.

Slow progress for cherries in Peru. The problem? Chilling requirement

Tech management Production

20 Oct 2023

The problem is the hours of cold. We speak of temperatures below 7° or 8°; and these temperatures do not occur on the Peruvian coast. Today, with the varieties tested, it is not possible to produce cherries in Peru; you get to flowering, but then the fruit does not set.

Secondary metabolites in buds: a clue to bud break

Tech management Production

09 Oct 2023

The results validate the biological activity in buds during the winter period. Although it is evident that ABA has a distinct temporal shift following the release of endo-dormancy, it emerges as the main metabolite responsible for the eco-dormancy phase.

Limits and potential of stalkless cherries

Post-harvest​ Production Varieties

18 Sep 2023

Manual harvesting of stalkless cherries reduces the time by 40-45% compared to manual harvesting of traditional cultivars; stalkless cherries are cultivars whose FRF value, when ripe, is 200-300 g compared to 450-900 for 'normal' cultivars.