Leader in apricot breeding, COT International invests on cherries

09 May 2023

COT International is a company engaged in the research, creation and selection of new fruit varieties. Internationally known for the apricot varieties sold under the COT brand name, the French company has been directing its interests in cherry varietal innovation for some years now. 

At first, since 2010, as exclusive publishers of cherry varieties obtained from the SMS Unlimited (California, USA) breeding programme: Nimba*, Pacific Red*, Frisco*, Rocket* and the latest novelty Epick 16*. 

Subsequently, since 2012, with its own breeding programme in Nimes, southern France. From this project, the new cherry variety Sun Pop* was obtained and licensed in 2022. 

Below is the report by Marie-Laure Eteve, CEO and Research Director of COT International, presented at the workshop on cherry variety innovation at Macfrut 2023.

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