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US consumer study ranks quality first, but price is still the most relevant value


20 May 2024

A 2023 consumer study that surveyed over 2,000 consumers found that the key factors continue to be quality and flavour. However, once the retail price reaches $4.50 per pound, sales begin to decline.

In China, Chilean cherries are also bought on social media

Consumption Markets Press review

24 Jan 2024

Importers expanded their sales network through streaming services, hiring broadcasting companies and influencers with a high audience. This season, Chile expects to export a total of 81,477,564 boxes to China.

Forecasts and data for the 2023/2024 EU season from the USDA's stone fruit report

Consumption Markets

21 Dec 2023

The outlook for the 2023/24 season is worrying, with an expected 21% decrease in total cherry production due to adverse weather conditions, such as frost and heavy rains, which have affected flowering and fruit set in several countries, particularly Poland and Italy.

IX International Cherry Symposium: with 230 thousand hectares dedicated to sweet cherry cultivation, China is investing in its own future

Consumption Events Markets Varieties

08 Sep 2023

Considering the economic importance that cherry cultivation is gaining in China, the breeding sector is also actively working to release new cultivars. National institutions are collaborating to achieve this goal, with 60 new cultivars released and 300 selections under study.

How the seasonality of consumption affects the environmental performance of fruit supply chains: the case of cherries in China

Consumption Production

07 Sep 2023

Several conclusions can be drawn: of great importance is the efficiency of orchard management, the impact of which on total emissions is still significant. In the distribution phase, low-impact transport systems, such as those by sea, should undoubtedly be favoured.

Cherry crop increases in Türkiye while export tops 75.000 tons in 2023

Consumption Markets Production

30 Aug 2023

The total cherry production forecast in Türkiye in Marketing Year 2023/24 is 900,000 metric tons, which is 8% higher than MY 2022/23, due to favorable weather and soil conditions. As of early August 2023, cherry exports have reached 75,000 MT, on track to surpass the previous MY.

Italian campaign promotes cherries on-the-go


23 Jun 2023

Ortofrutta Italia has launched a new campaign to promote cherries in Italy, aiming to enhance the fruit and vegetable sector and promote dialogue between all players in the supply chain, with a particular focus on consumers.

How consumers choose cherries: a research in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina


09 Jun 2023

Recent research published by the Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences looked at consumer attitudes in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina towards the appearance and taste of cherries. The online survey was conducted with 402 respondents.

All cherries are not the same: Sainsbury's marketing lesson

Consumption Retail

06 Jun 2023

In large retail outlets, where sales are made on a free service basis, the label has a fundamental function in communicating the product to the consumer. The Sainsbury's label is an interesting example of clear and comprehensive communication.

Cherries rank on top of European consumers' preferences


16 May 2023

As part of the European Breeding Value project, CNR-IBE conducted a multilingual survey of over 900 European consumers to understand their liking of the fruit. The cherry achieved excellent results and was confirmed as one of the most popular fruits.