INDUSER promotes new weighing machine capable of adapting to different packaging formats

23 May 2024

INDUSER, renowned for its experience in the packaging of fruit and vegetable products, presents a new packaging line designed specifically for cherries, which stands out for its careful treatment and versatility.

The line, consisting of a treatment tank, an associative linear weigher with 14 weighing heads and an innovative flag system, ensures that the cherries reach the consumer in optimal conditions, preserving their freshness and natural flavor.

One of the main features of this line is its ability to adapt to different packaging formats, from traditional European flowpack trays to new plastic-free designs for which it offers complete automation, ensuring flexibility for producers and adapting to market demands.

Pedro Martínez, commercial director, comments: “The goal of this new version of our linear weigher is to offer the market a packaging machine with greater capacity and a more delicate treatment of the fruit, in order to consolidate our position in the European market with a wider range of products, capable of covering customers with high yields and greater demands, as well as reaching foreign markets whose goods have to travel long distances.”

Some of the advantages of this machine are the high weighing accuracy, reduced drop impact, delicate handling from start to finish, and ease of maintenance and cleaning. Initially recognized for its experience in packaging cherry tomatoes, INDUSER has expanded its focus to other products such as blueberries and cherries.

This commitment to diversification aims to strengthen its presence in international markets, including Chile, consolidating its position as a leader in packaging solutions for delicate fruits.

Source: Mercados

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