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A sustainable approach to valorise sour cherry by-products: extracting antioxidant compounds


19 Feb 2024

When several extraction methods are combined, the purity and yield of the extract are improved. The pulsed electric field technique is a fast and effective method to break the cell membrane with electricity, thus facilitating the extraction of bioactive compounds.

Between innovation and tradition: cherry beer


30 Jan 2024

Research has examined the impact of using cherry juice and pomace in beer. The results of chemical analyses show that the addition of these elements increases the concentration of phenolic compounds in beers and consequently also the antioxidant activity.

Nothing is wasted from sweet cherry: bioactive compounds are extracted from the stones


25 Jan 2024

A common alternative to fresh consumption is its employment in the production of a wide range of food items. Combining bioactive components and essential acids contained in cherry seeds, a positive repercussion in both economic and environmental terms is desirable.

New life for cherries: the Circ0lare! project


19 May 2023

The project was created to quantify and characterise the cherries of a traditional production area in the hills around Turin and find an outlet for the by-products of the processing industry and the product that cannot be placed on the fresh market.