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A study on cherry genome reveals the genes responsible for fruit quality

Breeding Quality

27 Nov 2023

23 fruit quality characteristics were evaluated over a period of 2-6 years. The collected germplasm was characterised by genotyping-by-sequencing. A genome-wide association study was conducted using SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) coverage collected.

Impact of the weather: rain and temperatures create difficulties for the Chilean season

Markets Quality

13 Nov 2023

Expectations were to reach 100 million boxes, but according to Claudio Araya, agricultural manager of Frutera San Fernando, thanks to weather and logistics, 85 million boxes will be reached, slightly more than last year's season.

Unity is strength: biocontrol and packaging techniques to extend cherry shelf-life.

Post-harvest​ Quality

08 Nov 2023

The use of fludioxonil is authorised for post-harvest use but a growing body of evidence casts doubt on its classification as 'low risk' and the scientific community is calling for a re-evaluation.Consequently, possible alternative solutions are being explored.

Danese, a Hydrocooling System directly in the field

Post-harvest​ Quality

03 Nov 2023

The Veneto-based group, which has been involved in cold management for more than 35 years, is working on eliminating the time between the cherry's detachment from the plant and the moment when the temperature is lowered, with the 'Danese Hydrocooling System'.

What strategies to resist climate change? Álvaro Sepúlveda shares them with us

Crop protection Tech management Markets Quality

27 Oct 2023

Chile experienced a boom in cherry cultivation over the past 20 years. According to ODEPA data, in 2022 the total number of hectares under sweet cherry cultivation was 61,559, in 2004 it was just over 7,000.

The importance of size for the market and its control methodologies

Quality Press review

10 Oct 2023

Producers have several management strategies at their disposal to increase the final size of the fruit, including fruit load regulation, proper irrigation and fertilisation management, and the application of biostimulants and growth regulators.

The effects of thinning impact fruit quality and can increase sugar and anthocyanin content

Tech management Quality

02 Oct 2023

In addition to influencing the distribution of assimilates, the removal of a portion of spurs during the dormant period improves the distribution of assimilates among a smaller number of fruits, thus facilitating a more harmonious relationship between growth and fruiting.

Oxygenation reduces cherry rootstock damage from waterlogging

Tech management Quality

20 Sep 2023

Among five cultivars tested, 'Gisela 12' and 'Colt' were the most sensitive and tolerant to waterlogging, respectively. The results showed that oxygenation successfully mitigated the effects of waterlogging stress on cherry rootstocks.

Germany and Denmark: warnings over high pesticide levels for Turkish cherries


13 Sep 2023

The Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) has issued a consumer warning through German authorities after high levels of three pesticides were detected in cherries imported from Turkey. Another alert has been notified by Denmark one week later.

Sweet cherry cultivars can vary in quality and phytochemical composition depending on elevation.


08 Aug 2023

The objective of this research from the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences of the American University of Beiruwas to evaluate cherry fruit quality cultivated at different altitudes in Lebanon, with the intention of determining their suitability for fresh consumption.