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The Lari Cherry receives Protected Geographical Indication


21 Jun 2024

Tuscany region (IT) maintains its leading position in Italy for the number of PDO and PGI labels for wine and food. The 'Ciliegia di Lari PGI' is now the 146th Italian PGI in the food sector and the 324th among all agricultural geographical indications in Italy.

Picota del Jerte: excellent start, but watch out for fraud in the market


20 Jun 2024

"One of the problems that the PDO has to face every year is the marketing of normal cherries from which the stalk is removed to pass them off as picota cherries,' says Fátima López-Santamaría, PDO Cereza del Jerte technician, 'using the PDO trademark illegally.

29 bottles containing cherries from over 200 years ago discovered in the USA


19 Jun 2024

The bottles were found in five storage pits in the cellar of George Washington's mansion, 29 of which contained cherries. The bottles were extracted from the pits and refrigerated, and it is planned to subject them to scientific analysis, the statement said.

Ensuring authenticity: tracing the geographical origin of sweet cherry in China


18 Jun 2024

A study attempted to trace the geographical origin of cherries. 153 cherry samples were collected from five provinces, together with corresponding soil and irrigation water samples. The analysis revealed distinct regional isotopic and elemental profiles.

New methods to calculate cherry trees evapotranspiration in South Africa


17 Jun 2024

In situ measurements were conducted in a sweet cherry orchard at the IONIA Sweet Cherry Farm, Ficksburg, South Africa. The study estimated evapotranspiration by combining a simple surface energy balance model with remote sensing data.

Emilia-Romagna region (IT) into full swing, peak season for Vignola and the province of Modena


10 Jun 2024

Enrico Bucchi, the General Manager of Valfrutta Fresco SpA, takes a close look at the cherry chain and the strategies behind the success of this fruit in the lands between Romagna and Modena.

PDO Cereza del Jerte: new visual identity for greater sustainability


06 Jun 2024

The aim of this renewal is to adapt the visual identity of the PDO to an increasingly digital world. The Regulatory Council renews the corporate image by launching a new logo, representing both cherries and PDO picotas.

Sicilian cherries from Chiusa Sclafani carry the day at the 25th Ciliegie d'Italia national competition


04 Jun 2024

‘That the Chiusa Sclafani cherry is the most extraordinary in Italy we have always known,’ says Angelo Vellino, the town's historic producer, ‘this is the result achieved thanks to the great commitment, professionalism and sacrifices of all the producers.

China: geographical indication products to revalue rural areas


04 Jun 2024

In Sichuan, cherries bring new economic development, with over 4,000 hectares and an annual production value worth USD 150 million. Since 2014, the Hanyuan cherry has been included in the list of national geographical indication products.

The challenge of the ‘Ciliegia delle Colline Veronesi’: PGI certification and international market


31 May 2024

‘For the past four years we have been on the path to obtaining the PGI certification,’ says Andrea Braga, director of the Montecchia di Crosara cherry market, ‘we have achieved excellence through varietal and production choices best suited to our area'.