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Chinese study investigates link between HIPP proteins and cold tolerance in sweet cherry tree


20 Jun 2024

A recent study from Guizhou University analysed the role of a specific protein, PavHIPP16, in sweet cherry. The study measured several physiological and biochemical parameters to understand the mechanisms behind this improved cold tolerance.

INIA Chile publishes a brochure on the genetic improvement of the cherry tree


13 Jun 2024

The brochure is signed by José Manuel Donoso, researcher at INIA Rayentué. "The sweet cherry is one of the most popular fruit trees in the world, however, genetic improvement has been slow due to the large size of the tree and the long unproductive period."

Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) identify genes related to cherry size


13 Mar 2024

11 and 12 candidate genes related to fruit size and cracking-related traits, respectively, were identified. The researchers also identified several candidate genes involved in phytohormone, calcium and cell wall metabolisms.

Portrait of a sweet cherry breeder: Gregorio Lopez-Ortega


18 Jan 2024

n this article, José Quero García, member of the technical-scientific committee of Cherry Times, interviewed Gregorio Lopez-Ortega, breeder at the Chilean company Hortifrut.

Salvi Vivai invests in a new experimental cherry orchard

Breeding Nurseries

15 Jan 2024

The year 2024 starts under the best omen for Salvi Vivai. In 2023, the new experimental cherry orchard was planted and the new micropropagation laboratory officially started. The new team is working at full speed to produce plants that are already in order.

Physiological models help predict the blooming date


05 Jan 2024

The study covers the growing seasons from 2011/12 until 2019/20 for the development of the model and 2020/21-2022/23 for its validation. The M1 model is based on an inverse modelling methodology, M2 and M3, on the other hand, are more physiologically grounded.

Light and cherry quality: three TCP proteins identified as potential regulators of fruit quality


04 Jan 2024

It was discovered that PavTCP1 and PavTCP3 homologues in Arabidopsis TCP proteins are crucial for light responses, and it is agreed that these genes may contribute significantly to the light responses of sweet cherries.

Blooming date is decided (at genetic level) before winter dormancy


02 Jan 2024

Researchers at Michigan State University (USA) provide a comprehensive analysis of the flower development of sour cherries. Numerous transcriptional studies have shown that the regulation of flower initiation in rosaceous species is significantly influenced by hormonal balance.

An overview of S-alleles of cultivated sweet cherries


21 Dec 2023

Since then, information on the S-genotypes of sweet cherry cultivars has been constantly increasing. This information is very important for cherry growing, breeding, and breeding research. The S-genotypes of 1,700 sweet cherry accessions were recorded.

Interspecific hybrids – as new sources for sweet and sour cherry breeding


11 Dec 2023

At Dresden-Pillnitz interspecific crosses and backcrosses have been carried out over the last 20 years. The aims of this breeding program are to develop genotypes with new fruit characteristics and a higher level of resistance to biotic and abiotic stress.