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ANA Chile® shows promising early cherry varieties in the northern area

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21 Nov 2023

The first part of the event took place at the Hotel Limarí, where consultant Walter Masman and Lorena Pinto, pome and cherry product manager of ANA Chile, presented. On the second day, the Field Day took place in a test block located in Recoleta, Ovalle.

Avances recientes: a seminar from Chile on the latest cherry industry's research and innovations


06 Nov 2023

The industry has identified certain aspects as challenges, and the university has taken on the task of conducting the relevant research. The University of Chile spoke at the Avances recientes event held on 19 October, entirely dedicated to cherries.

An integral approach to improve the efficiency of cherry orchards: the future goes from here

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26 Oct 2023

There is a growing interest in planar and Y systems, which can improve light interception and speed up harvesting practices. Currently, it appears that plants grown with the Upright Fruiting Offshoots system have the highest harvest rate (0.81 kg/min).

Radek Vavra. Big fruit size sweet cherry cultivars of Czech origin

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25 Oct 2023

Tamara, Horka, Felicita, Sandra, Irena, and Elza represent a few examples of these diverse variations. All these cultivars are considered to be superior selections, distinguished by their substantial size and deep red skin colour, as well as their commendable fruit quality.

Read and download the new Cherry Times magazine


13 Oct 2023

Read, consult and download the first issue of Cherry Times Magazine. Inside you can find all the major news, together with information and specific content on all sectors of the cherry industry!

Washington State University promotes the two-day webinar on cherry and blueberry quality


11 Oct 2023

On Thursday, November 2nd, and Friday, November 3rd, the webinar "From table to farm: Ensuring Premium Blueberry and Sweet Cherry Quality" will take place online. The event is organized by the Washington State University in collaboration with the University of Florida and the Uni

ExpoCerezo 2023: thanks to ANA Chile® a meeting dedicated to varieties and post-harvest


28 Sep 2023

On Thursday, 14 September, growers of different cherry varieties were invited by ANA Chile® to the 4th EXPOCerezo 2023, where participants were able to learn about the advances in the technical knowledge of varieties to obtain the best fruit potential and share their experiences.

IX International Cherry Symposium: with 230 thousand hectares dedicated to sweet cherry cultivation, China is investing in its own future

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08 Sep 2023

Considering the economic importance that cherry cultivation is gaining in China, the breeding sector is also actively working to release new cultivars. National institutions are collaborating to achieve this goal, with 60 new cultivars released and 300 selections under study.

Meeting on biosolutions at Macfrut 2024 for quality cherries


18 Aug 2023

The International Congress entitled "WHICH BIOSOLUTIONS FOR QUALITY CHERRIES?" will provide answers to some of the most prominent issues in modern cherry growing on Thursday, 9 May as part of Macfrut 2024, Rimini - Italy.

A total success for Cherry Tech 2023, which brought more than a thousand people together in the cherry industry


18 Jul 2023

On Thursday 29 June, an unprecedented technical event took place at the Sun Monticello Conference Centre: Cherry Tech 2023 brought together more than a thousand people who actively participated in the three masterclasses.