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Technical meeting on cherry tree varieties and defence: preview of results from Agrion Foundation


12 Jul 2024

Agrion researchers Davide Nari and Valentina Roera presented the latest developments in cherry and apricot variety comparisons, while Francesca Pettiti and Luca Nari showed updates from the Forficula Auricolaria and Drosophila Suzukii trials.

CherryTech 2024: how technology and innovation are transforming post-harvest


02 Jul 2024

Nicolás Zamorano, consultant for Asian markets, commented that in China, consumers 'were mainly trained on cherry varieties. Today the business is no longer global, but increasingly specific, along with the requirements customers have for each variety'.

Mundoagro's course on cherry tree management and physiology concluded with an analysis of variety and fertilisation


27 Jun 2024

Professor Walter Masman concluded the Mundoagro Capacita course on 'Cherry tree management and physiology', focusing on what is currently happening with regard to the use of cover crops, fertilisation, irrigation and new cherry varieties.

CS Laimburg: the new cherry orchards will be 2D systems and mechanised


24 Jun 2024

On Thursday, 20 June, a training meeting was held for farmers and technicians during which experts from CS Laimburg presented the results of the latest ongoing trials focusing on planting systems and techniques for managing cerasites.

Innovation, sustainability and production potential the focus of Cherry Tech 2024 in Chile


20 Jun 2024

More than 1,200 representatives of the cherry industry gathered at the second version of CherryTech in Chile, the most important technical event for cherry production. Participants took part in three master classes and three forums with 15 speakers.

The cherry tree between physiology and management: Mundoagro's course on cherry growing development continues


17 Jun 2024

With more than 500 students and led by Professor Walter Masman, the first lecture explained how new cultivation areas have opened up and how factors such as climate influence this development and even allow other locations to be explored for cultivation.

Monticello (Chile) hosts CherryTech 2024: an event for the future of cherry growing


07 Jun 2024

15 industry specialists will meet on 18 June at the Sun Monticello event centre for the second version of the largest technical event in the cherry industry. The event will offer three interesting discussion forums and three keynote lectures.

Producers and retailers together for early and low-chill varieties at International Cherry Open Day


28 May 2024

To show nurserymen, growers and retailers the varieties, BLOOM FRESH organised the International Cherry Open Day. Forty international participants from Chile, Brazil, Spain, Greece, Italy, UK, South Africa and Australia gathered in Spain.

Success for the fifth Global Cherry Summit: market scenarios and projections for the 2025 season from Chile


15 May 2024

Over 1,400 participants from various national and international industry sectors gathered for the fifth Global Cherry Summit, which was attended by a large Chinese delegation, including the Chinese Ambassador to Chile, Niu Qingbao.

At Vivai Battistini the ribbon was cut for VitroLeaf, Europe's largest propagation laboratory


08 May 2024

Not a simple laboratory but a true vertical farm animated by robots that speed up work thanks to production in a sterile environment. Paolo Laghi explains the novelty of this innovation to Cherry Times.