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The influence of cultivar and rootstock on the bioactive compound content in sweet cherry


16 Jul 2024

The study investigates the effect of these combinations on the total phenol and anthocyanin content, the content of individual phenolic compounds and the antioxidant activity of the fruit. The methods used are spectrophotometry and high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

What is the best method for measuring flesh firmness?


08 Jul 2024

A Greek study on the Regina and Canada Giant cultivars involved the application of varying levels of compression according to fruit size. In addition to flesh firmness, sensory evaluations of firmness and primary metabolites were evaluated.

FirmPro: advanced technology for delivering premium quality fruit up to 55mm size


11 Jun 2024

Robinson Gálvez, CEO of HappyAgro, explains that the FirmPro was designed as a complete solution, including everything necessary for use from the moment it is received. Also, add-on like the Colorimeter for color and the AtmosFix oxygen control can be included.

Michigan State University creates annotated Montmorency sour-cherry genome


03 Jun 2024

This discovery will help researchers and breeders find the genes and markers associated with different traits much faster than before. This genetic map will help breeders chart a path to a tart cherry.

Cherryscan G7: MAF Roda's new software to facilitate quality system management


29 May 2024

‘With this new interface, an operator can work with the machine after only a few hours of training,’ says María Cabello, marketing and communications manager at MAF Roda, ‘a system fully adapted to very short campaigns and high staff turnover.

Early cherry seminar in Ovalle (Chile) to assess future growth and quality


28 May 2024

Ovalle was once again the capital of early cherries. Organised by Susttex, the Cerezas Primores seminar brought together producers, companies, academics and people interested in cherry cultivation in the Coquimbo region for the third year running.

Chilean research evaluates the effects of biostimulants on Santina varieties


27 May 2024

The research evaluated the effect of the product Botan Foliar on fruit production and quality in Santina variety cherry trees grafted on Colt rootstock. Product applications and evaluations were carried out during the spring of the 2023-24 season.

Integrated solutions and approaches for cracking management


24 May 2024

Water availability influences cherry tree growth, yield and quality. The application of biostimulants results in the activation/regulation of metabolic pathways that influence processes that can improve production in both quantity and quality.

The effect of seaweed extract on fruit set in cherries


24 May 2024

Sufficient pollination and successful fertilization are essential for fruit set and high yields. Polyamines and brassinosteroids - contained in kelp species like Ecklonia maxima - have been well documented to significantly promote both pollen germination and pollen tube growth.

Fungicides and biological solutions for cherry tree defense


23 May 2024

Fungicides like Serenade Aso produce a series of natural compounds with specific activities on pathogens and plant defense. Lipopeptides and antibacterial compounds typical of the strain break down cell walls of fungi and bacteria, causing death and preventing contamination.