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Salvi Vivai invests in a new experimental cherry orchard


15 Jan 2024

The year 2024 starts under the best omen for Salvi Vivai. In 2023, the new experimental cherry orchard was planted and the new micropropagation laboratory officially started. The new team is working at full speed to produce plants that are already in order.

Plant types for new cherry planting systems


12 Jan 2024

On the choice of planting material and the necessary cultivation practices to ensure the best initial development of cherry trees, Cherry Times interviewed Dr. Eduardo Madrid Pardo, Chilean agronomist consultant specialised in nursery techniques.

Top Plant Nurseries' new varieties and rootstock trials


22 Dec 2023

Top Plant Nurseries has been responding to the demand for certified plants for Italian and foreign fruit growers for more than 30 years. Today the nursery is managed by Enrico Mazzon, and it'is with him that we want to delve into the working method of Top Plant Nurseries.

Advancements in cherry winter grafting with cold atmospheric plasma treatments


18 Dec 2023

The innovation of this method is the use of a portable device designed to produce cold plasma and a plasma-treated solution. 15-45 seconds of cold plasma exposure prior to grafting on fresh sections of scions and rootstocks increases root collar diameter and growth length.

Cultivating success: the insights of Vivai Spinelli, the Italian fruit tree specialist


22 Sep 2023

The company Vivai Spinelli has made a name for itself in the industry thanks to its complete management of the production cycle, from the initial propagation phase to the distribution of mature plants on the market. Vito Spinelli spoke for Cherry Times.

Salvi Vivai enlarges its offer with 5 new cherry varieties


23 May 2023

"These are five new-generation varieties,' explains Andrea Bagnolini, Salvi Vivai's Sales Director, 'which we strongly wanted to increase our offer and propose to our growers selections that are more and more performing with respect to their needs.

The health of propagation materials starts with the breeders


05 Apr 2023

Some considerations on how to better qualify varietal innovation through breeding certification programs for a new sustainable and competitive cherry crop.

Battistini Vivai: 70 years of reliable and productive cherry trees and rootstocks


04 Apr 2023

Battistini Vivai is a 'historical' company with more than 70 years of activity and composed of a young and motivated team, a combination of solid experience with strong roots in the agricultural tradition of Romagna and an ambitious and innovative approach.