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The selection of appropriate rootstock and training system towards sustainable production of stone fruits


13 Jun 2024

The association of intensive orchards with bidimensional canopies and good accessibility to canopy by labour and machines is essential to reduce the cost of production. In cherry the increase of harvest rate increased by 72% when UFO was compared with the traditional open center.

The Consortium of German Nurseries presents a new brand identity and expands its range with new dwarfing rootstocks


12 Jun 2024

The Consortium of German Nurseries revised its brand identity and presents itself with an umbrella brand strategy. This support contributes to the fact that the CDB enjoys a high level of recognition in particular with GiSelA®, the market leader for rootstocks.

Cherry breeding projects and new rootstocks with the Corette® series


11 Jun 2024

Michigan State University evaluated dozens of sour cherry crosses for their potential as cherry rootstocks, resulting in the Corette® series of precocious and productive dwarfing to semi-dwarfing rootstocks and several semi-vigorous, less precocious rootstocks.

Weigi®, dwarfing and semi-dwarfing rootstocks for cherry trees


10 Jun 2024

Weigi rootstocks are crossings between GiSelA- and Weiroot-clones. Further trials started in 2004 on 4 different locations in Germany and France. After few years testing and some positive results, decision is taken to propagate them invitro in Italy and start making trees.

New stress-resistant Krymsk rootstocks for stone fruits


10 Jun 2024

The selection of these interspecific rootstocks was made on basis of the induced tree vigor and tolerance to environmental stresses like drought, flooding, frost and pH content of soil. At present seven Krymsk rootstocks have been patented and have been commercially released.

Adara was the best of seven rootstocks on sour cherries in Serbia


30 May 2024

In Serbia, sour cherries are a traditional fruit type grown on 19,551 ha. A study conducted by the University of Kragujevac in Čačak probed the suitability of seven clonal rootstocks and one seed rootstock (mirabolan) grafted with the sour cherry variety 'Šumadinka'.

Rootstocks to the test, MSU presents 2022 results


23 Apr 2024

Since 2017, the MSU team has been comparing the performance of early dwarfing rootstocks (all from the Corette® series), developed by the university itself, with reference rootstocks Gisela 5, Gisela 12, Gisela 3 (sweet cherry only) and Maxma14.

The effects of rootstock and training form on the growth and quality of cherries


26 Feb 2024

The objective of the research was to evaluate the performance of the cultivar '0900 Ziraat' grafted onto the semi-vigorous rootstocks Krymsk, Gisela 6 and Piku 1. Four breeding forms were applied to these cultivar/rootstock combinations: VCL, SSA, UFO and KGB.

Engineering of cherry rootstocks to increase virus resistance


05 Feb 2024

Regarding rootstocks, one of the most promising approaches to increase plant resistance to viruses is post-transcriptional gene silencing, which employs RNA interference (RNAi) to prevent pathogenicity and virus replication.

Differences in sweet cherry pruning by cultivars


18 Dec 2023

The most important factor in spindle formation is to maintain the dominance of the central leader. The central crowns can be cut back in the future, after the formation of fruit-bearing branches below the crown ends.