All the news for Post-harvest​

Pre-harvest γ-aminobutyric acid helps maintain quality during storage


30 May 2024

γ-aminobutyric acid regulates numerous physiological processes in plants. The University of Alicante monitored for two years the effects of foliar sprays of GABA at different concentrations at critical stages of fruit development in three sweet cherry cultivars.

Problems and effective solutions against dehydration of cherries during the cold chain


24 May 2024

One of the main challenges cherries face during the journey is dehydration, which leads to loss of firmness and browning of the pedicel. In addition, the metabolism of the fruit accelerates its senescence, deteriorating the final condition of the fruit.

INDUSER promotes new weighing machine capable of adapting to different packaging formats


23 May 2024

‘The objective of this new version is to offer the market a packaging machine with greater capacity and gentler handling of the fruit,’ says Pedro Martínez, sales manager, ‘in order to consolidate our position in the European market with a wider range of products'.

TOMRA's new LUCAi platform for post-harvest efficiency in the US and New Zealand


21 May 2024

Cherry packers Prima Frutta Packing, Dunstan Hills and Panmure Orchards in California, the US and New Zealand have implemented TOMRA's LUCAi technology, achieving ‘improved grading and a productivity increase of around 10%’.

Valle del Jerte cherries: how technology and manual processes come together for a quality product


06 May 2024

‘In production we find traditional and mechanised processes, but logistics are still mainly manual,’ says Mónica Tierno, general manager of the Valle del Jerte Cooperative Group, ‘although this does not mean that it is slower. Time is against this product’.

Maersk and University of Chile collaborate on controlled atmosphere study to improve exports


30 Apr 2024

The objective is to evaluate the impact of the technology in lengthening container transit times by combining controlled atmosphere with Tres Castillos macroperforated bags, thus enabling proper gas management and ensuring optimal moisture for the cherries.

MAF Roda's new software offers functionality and adaptation for cherry growers


22 Apr 2024

The new cherry quality software for Cherryscan G7 takes into account the specific working environment of cherry growers to fully adapt to their production model, characterised by short seasons and high labour turnover.

From Australia a project with RFID systems to promote cherry traceability


04 Apr 2024

Cherry Growers Australia partnered with Agriculture Victoria in 2022-23 on an innovative project to develop on-farm traceability and build, diversify and protect exports by developing traceability from producer to consumer.

How cultivars with variable cracking susceptibility respond to storage


04 Apr 2024

An increase in the concentration of soluble proteins correlates with an increased ability of plant cells to retain water, resulting in improved cell membrane protection and greater resistance to cracking. A study in China compared two different cv.: 'Rainier', and 'Wanhongzhu'.

The potential of vacuum steam for the phytosanitary treatment of fresh fruit


26 Mar 2024

The USDA investigated vacuum steam as an alternative to methyl bromide treatment for fresh fruit. The ultimate goal is to establish heat treatment programmes that preserve the integrity of a product and completely eliminate target infestations.