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Danese, a Hydrocooling System directly in the field

Post-harvest​ Quality

03 Nov 2023

The Veneto-based group, which has been involved in cold management for more than 35 years, is working on eliminating the time between the cherry's detachment from the plant and the moment when the temperature is lowered, with the 'Danese Hydrocooling System'.

An insight into Regina's challenges according to Juan Pablo Zoffoli

Tech management Post-harvest​ Press review Varieties

25 Sep 2023

Is a solution possible? The expert is optimistic and has already taken an important step by defining that one of the important variables affecting post-harvest sensitivity is maturity and therefore its monitoring. But this is not the only challenge.

Limits and potential of stalkless cherries

Post-harvest​ Production Varieties

18 Sep 2023

Manual harvesting of stalkless cherries reduces the time by 40-45% compared to manual harvesting of traditional cultivars; stalkless cherries are cultivars whose FRF value, when ripe, is 200-300 g compared to 450-900 for 'normal' cultivars.

Reducing A. alternata post-harvest: Bacillus subtilis Y17B

Crop protection Post-harvest​

12 Sep 2023

Alternaria alternata fungus is a widespread problem known to cause significant contamination and rotting of produce during the post-harvest storage period. Lipopeptides produced by the Y17B strain lead to less development of the disease.

Deficit irrigation in post-harvest is a strategy for saving water without negative repercussions


15 Aug 2023

This study examines the effects of postharvest deficit irrigation on 'Sweetheart'/Mazzard cherry trees. The research was conducted in five commercial orchards in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada, during three seasons (2019-2022).

Tomra Food and Icoel together represent over 60% of the Italian market


14 Jul 2023

In November 2022, TOMRA Food and ICOEL S.r.l. reached an agreement that defines ICOEL as TOMRA Food's integrated business partner for Europe and preferred partner for cherry technologies in Latin America.

Preserving post-harvest fruit quality through ultra-violet treatments


04 Jul 2023

There are many technologies that can be used to extend as much as possible the storage period of cherries. A new alternative may be ultraviolet (UV) light exposure, which has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for post-harvest treatment.

WP2: innovative technologies for sour cherry storage


13 Jun 2023

At the laboratories of the Department of Life Sciences of UNIMORE, research was carried out with the aim of assessing the effectiveness of a treatment with high hydrostatic pressure (HPP, high pressure processing) for the quality preservation of fresh sour cherries.

Danese, ad-hoc refrigeration and energy efficiency


26 May 2023

Danese Group has been active in the refrigeration systems sector for over 30 years. In this interview, Matteo Danese analyses with Cherry Times the solutions developed for companies in the cherry sector.

How end-to-end line solutions for cherry packhouses are improving efficiencies and profitability


16 May 2023

With global demand on the rise and exports increasing, the challenges for the cherry sector are getting tougher. Packaging centres are under pressure as they have to handle higher volumes and have to maintain or improve quality.