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Beyond the fruit: the importance of the stalk in cherries


21 Mar 2024

The stalk plays a crucial role. Understanding the mechanisms of water loss through the stalk can help develop strategies to minimise stalk dehydration and preserve the post-harvest quality of sweet cherry fruits.

Knauf Industries offers innovative and environmentally sustainable packaging


14 Mar 2024

EPS boxes (or their more sustainable alternatives, CELOOPS® and NEOPS®) are already widely used by manufacturers for sales and transport and are already in line with the environmental requirements of European legislation, which will require fully recyclable packaging.

Preventing fruit spoilage through the combination of different approaches


12 Mar 2024

A study conducted in Spain evaluated the impact of the simultaneous application of MAP and two antagonistic yeasts on the shelf life of early “Burlat” cherries. The use of these yeasts induced changes in the quality of the fruit as an increase in the solids content was observed.

MAF Roda, artificial intelligence in the service of quality


23 Feb 2024

The Cherry Way IV grader is a complex machine,' Masotti told us, 'it is integrated with the Cherryscan 7 vision system that uses AI. The multi-spectral infrared camera that analyses the fruit does so by taking colour photos at five different wavelengths'.

Controlled atmosphere: studies from Chile advance in collaboration with the Maersk Group


21 Feb 2024

The Centre for Post Harvest Studies (CEPOC) is conducting new studies on the use of controlled atmosphere in cherries. The effect of CA will be evaluated on the Regina variety harvested at three different ripening stages, simulating shelf life and marketing period.

Washington State University intensifies research with new optical sorting line

Post-harvest​ Press review

01 Feb 2024

Per McCord, WSU's cherry breeder, explained that it is basically a scaled-down version of what one sees in a commercial fruit packing warehouse. The line will bring overall efficiency to the university's sorting efforts.

In Otago, an experimental project on freezing cherries promises new opportunities for the New Zealand market

Post-harvest​ Quality Press review

29 Jan 2024

Every year an average of 2,207 tonnes of Central Otago cherries are discarded or not harvested due to imperfections. Eden Orchards, known for its juices, has experimented with individual freezing of cherries in an attempt to develop a commercially viable process.

Post-harvest: WSU compares MAP bag and controlled atmosphere storage


08 Dec 2023

Carolina Torres presented the results of three years of field trials comparing different preservation methods for different cultivars (Bing, Sweetheart, Skeena, Rainier) when the aim is precisely to preserve cherries for 30 days + 4.

A new (non-destructive) method to identify decay and ripening stage of cherries


07 Dec 2023

The approach shows excellent performance in cherry recognition. It is remarkable that the training time of Swin Transformer and MLP was only 78.43 seconds (when in the absence of MLP the training time was 551.24 seconds) and that their recognition accuracy peaked at 98.5%.

Unity is strength: biocontrol and packaging techniques to extend cherry shelf-life.

Post-harvest​ Quality

08 Nov 2023

The use of fludioxonil is authorised for post-harvest use but a growing body of evidence casts doubt on its classification as 'low risk' and the scientific community is calling for a re-evaluation.Consequently, possible alternative solutions are being explored.