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The search for suitable organic cherry varieties becomes easy at


18 Mar 2024

In response to the changing communication habits of organic farmers, FiBL has made variety information available interactively on the webpage, where it is possible to search for varieties with specific characteristics.

Marysa®, a sweet cherry with a sour cherry flavour


15 Mar 2024

In agronomic terms, Marysa® had attributes that were in some cases superior to the Sweet® varieties, in terms of rusticity and productivity, high harvest yields and fruit size. The variety spread not only in its area of origin, but also in the Verona area.

ANA Chile® tells us about the new varieties that will be launched in 2025


15 Mar 2024

To talk about the new varieties making their debut in Chile, we contacted Lorena Pinto, product manager of ANA Chile. Among the new varieties still in the testing phase is Nipama, which will be placed 3 to 5 days before Nimba, which is harvested between weeks 44 and 45.

Prim 2.5, new global variety: obtained in Germany and produced in Chile for the Chinese market

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17 Jan 2024

Gonzalo Matamala, manager of Giddings Fruit, said that this variety is earlier than Santina and is characterised by a great hardiness. Furthermore, this variety is being developed for the Chinese market in order to cover the early and late part of the season.

Chilean variety prospect: study phase progresses, but much attention is also paid to logistical problems

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15 Jan 2024

In 2010, a major development project, Consorcio Tecnológico de la Fruta, was initiated to obtain new cultivars suited to the Chilean climate and export market. 24 of the 30 advanced selections have already been grafted and are being studied.

Nimba, Sweet Aryana and Frisco: ANA Chile's technical remarks


09 Jan 2024

At the last Cherry Expo, ANA Chile researchers reported on the behaviour of some new early cherry varieties in Chile. Below are the main technical indications for producers and exporters that emerged during the Chilean symposium.

Differences in sweet cherry pruning by cultivars

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18 Dec 2023

The most important factor in spindle formation is to maintain the dominance of the central leader. The central crowns can be cut back in the future, after the formation of fruit-bearing branches below the crown ends.

Low-Chill cherries provide relief for growers worldwide among climate challenges

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14 Dec 2023

BLOOM FRESH™ (BLOOM) has created a robust low-chill cherry program named Cheery Cherries™, offering hardy varietals that are less vulnerable to damage caused by either hot drought temperatures or excessive rains. The cherries are also bred with transportation in mind.

Centro Fruticultura Sur leads collaboration on a rootstock genetic improvement program

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13 Dec 2023

As part of this project, 3 demonstration plots were created between 2021 and 2022 at the Universities of Concepción, La Frontera and Austral de Chile, with 10 cherry rootstock selections, plus 2 commercial controls: Gisela 12 and Colt.

Sweet Aryana conquers Chile: 350 ha of plants sold in 2023

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07 Dec 2023

ANA Chile had sold about 700,000 cherry plants, more than half of which were Sweet Aryana, which would be equivalent to about 350 hectares, considering about 1,200 plants per hectare. The Pacific Red variety follows: ANA Chile sold 131,000 plants of this variety in 2023.