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Challenges and future of the cherry: from varieties to climate, insights from Chile on today's industry

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29 Feb 2024

Analysing all the challenges of the cherry industry is ambitious. In this article, Jean Paul Millan addresses the crucial issues of the sector. From sustainability to post-harvest, the need to evolve in a rapidly changing sector emerges.

New sweet cherry tree shaping, pruning and fruiting in Moldova

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28 Feb 2024

Between the years 2022 and 2023, in the north of Moldova, the impact of the cultivation system of sweet cherry trees (Prunusavium L.) of the Kordia, Regina, Summit, Sweet Valina, Sweet Stefanny, Sweet Saretta and Marysa varieties, grafted on Gisela 6, which were planted in 2018.

Washington State University assessments to combat the impact of cold, wind and snow on fruit set

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27 Feb 2024

Low temperatures will prolong ovule viability and stigma receptivity, yet also slow pollen germination and pollen tube growth. Research shows that apple and sweet cherry pollen germination can occur with temperatures as low as 41 F, depending on genotype.

Collecting data on varietal behaviour will be crucial for Chilean research according to Álvaro Sepúlveda

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13 Feb 2024

Thanks to regional funds granted by the Maule Regional Government, it was possible to formalise a research project to find out how the varieties were responding to a much-changed climate in the central zone, which generated a lot of uncertainty this season.

Pruning time, a crucial moment in determining the yield of the cherry orchard

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12 Feb 2024

Research in Moldova evaluated the impact of pruning date on fructification in cv. Kordia and Regina grafted on MaxMa 14. In Regina, 6.1% and 12.2% higher production was found when pruning was performed in July and early September.

Optimising nitrogen management in cherry trees: new approaches to maximise yield according to the University of California

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25 Jan 2024

The project results promise new standards for nitrogen management in the cherry industry. Fertiliser use can be optimised and N losses reduced if applications follow tree demand and seasonal uptake patterns.

Production collapse in Michigan: eradication of sour cherry plants continues

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23 Jan 2024

According to Michigan grower White, the cherry industry has become a battle. Not only because of price management, but also because of the climate, which has been unfavourable for years. There is also the federal administration, which has not been able to help the growers.

Putrescine makes trees more resistant to late frosts, while reducing the risk of cracking

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17 Jan 2024

The results showed that putrescine-treated buds decreased the overall malondialdehyde content (and thus the level of oxidative stress), while the rate of fruit set increased during most of the growing seasons evaluated.

Orchard training: how to avoid crucial planting mistakes

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12 Jan 2024

One of the main production problems encountered are errors in plant management in the first years, even before planting, such as poor soil preparation, poor plant quality and lack of chemical soil preparation.

A Washington farmer reveals how important crop insurance is

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04 Jan 2024

One advantage of cherry crop insurance, says Jennifer Wiggs, is that growers are already in the USDA database. Therefore, if programmes such as disaster relief funds are available, the application process will be easier.