Mechanization of cherry orchards, the in-depth study from WSU

Tech management

01 Dec 2023

During an event of WSU's own, Prof. Matthew Whiting of the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture took stock of the state of research with his paper titled 'Opportunities for Mechanization in Cherry Production".

Dutoit leading the way to South Africa cherries around the globe

Markets Production

01 Dec 2023

Dutoit, one of the leading companies in the fresh produce business in South Africa, is accelerating its investments in the production, packaging, and export of cherries, a new cycle of investments that quickly expanded to a total area of 300 hectares across 6 different farms.

Progress for Chilean variety S-21: first official launch scheduled for 2025

Press review Varieties

30 Nov 2023

After obtaining unanimous approval from INIA's Regional Committee for the Release of New Varieties, S-21 will go through the registration process with the Chilean Agriculture and Livestock Service next year to become a commercial variety.

Development of new sweet cherry varieties at the Julius Kühn-Institut in Dresden-Pillnitz

Breeding Varieties

30 Nov 2023

Seven new cultivars have already been released: Narana, Swing® PiSue 192, Habunt, Areko, Polka, Aria® PiSue 161, and PiSue 177. Nineteen new promising breeding clones are currently under multi-site testing and approximately 100 clones are in stage II evaluation.

How to increase fruit size? By silencing growth-limiting genes


29 Nov 2023

In fruits in which PavKLUH was silenced, a decrease in fruit size was observed, due to less expansion of the mesocarp cells. By identifying a new gene encoding for PavKLUH, PavRAV2, a transcription factor capable of physically interacting with the PavKLUH promoter, was selected.

South African season peak: Tru-Cape laments weather conditions, 20% loss on production


28 Nov 2023

The total Tru-Cape crop dropped from an estimated 520 tons to just over 400 tons due to unfavorable weather conditions, especially during flowering and fruit set, also blamed on a frost wave in September that affected several producers.

Argentine Producers Association predicts 6,000 tons: estimated 50 percent for domestic market

Press review

27 Nov 2023

The main characteristic of this season is that the harvest is about 7-10 days later than usual. This is mainly due to unseasonal weather, with a low temperature range between day and night.

A study on cherry genome reveals the genes responsible for fruit quality

Breeding Quality

27 Nov 2023

23 fruit quality characteristics were evaluated over a period of 2-6 years. The collected germplasm was characterised by genotyping-by-sequencing. A genome-wide association study was conducted using SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) coverage collected.

Decade-long study identifies more than one million polymorphisms on cherry genome


24 Nov 2023

Phenotypic diversity was assessed from 2012 to 2020, revealing significant variability in several traits. A total of 1,767,106 single nucleotide polymorphisms were discovered, providing a detailed genetic map.

Amino acids can be used to make plants more resistant to waterlogging

Tech management

23 Nov 2023

Rootstock tolerance to conditions of soil saturation can be improved through the activation of enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidant defence mechanisms by the application of amino acids that can improve the plants' response to unfavourable conditions caused by water logging.