Nitrogen fertilisation: studies show that the important thing is not to overdo it!

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05 Sep 2023

In conclusion, the results indicate that 60 kg of nitrogen per hectare is the best dose to provide adequate nutrition for sour cherry trees. Nitrogen supply increased its presence in leaves, while it decreased phosphorus and potassium concentrations.

How the CAB 6P rootstock influences sour cherries development and growth


04 Sep 2023

Trees grafted onto the Maxma 14 rootstock induce lower vigour, productivity, and fruit weight. In contrast, trees grafted onto CAB 6P rootstock exhibited greater vigour, yield, and fruit weight, resulting in greater agricultural productivity.

Tasmania Fruit Growers will be present at Asia Fruit Logistica 2023

Press review

01 Sep 2023

Fresh produce exporters from the Australian state of Tasmania will be well represented at the Asia Fruit Logistica (AFL), to be held in Hong Kong from 6-8 September, with industry body Fruit Growers Tasmania hosting several companies on its stand.

A report on the 2022-23 season shows an early season, nice sizes and good average prices


01 Sep 2023

The Chilean company CyD Asesoría Agrícola compiled a report on the 2022-2023 season. This data was analysed by several exporters to better understand price fluctuations, providing management tools for producers to refine their profitability.

Cold hardiness estimation models can help farmers to prevent frost damage

Tech management

31 Aug 2023

The primary aim of the present investigation was to construct predictive models for determining the lethal temperature thresholds (resulting in 10%, 50%, and 90% death rates) for two distinct cultivars of sweet cherry flower buds, during the autumn and winter period.

Michigan State University issues guidance on processing, storing and using cherries

Press review

30 Aug 2023

Michigan State University has released a guide entirely dedicated to the processing, storage and use of cherries. This allows not only farmers, but also fruit enthusiasts, to be able to process and utilise a delicate and delicious fruit such as the cherry in the best possible way

Cherry crop increases in Türkiye while export tops 75.000 tons in 2023

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30 Aug 2023

The total cherry production forecast in Türkiye in Marketing Year 2023/24 is 900,000 metric tons, which is 8% higher than MY 2022/23, due to favorable weather and soil conditions. As of early August 2023, cherry exports have reached 75,000 MT, on track to surpass the previous MY.

Biological control of Drosophila suzukii is possible: it is only necessary to know (and favor) the parasitoids

Crop protection

29 Aug 2023

The purpose of the study was to develop knowledge on parasitoid community of Drosophilidae in the tart cherry agroecosystem. Additionally, it aimed to identify landscape factors that have a role in the future augmentative and classical biological control releases.

How to maximise the efficiency of mechanical harvesting by using the right training system

Planting systems

28 Aug 2023

The experiment by the Department of Pomology of the National Institute of Fruit and Vegetable Research (Poland) attempted to develop a new breeding form and evaluate the adaptability of trees with a 'Y' crown for the mechanical harvesting of sour and sweet cherries.

In Japan 50% of all cherries are sold for gifting purposes


25 Aug 2023

Cherry production in Japan is increasing due to improved weather conditions, while imports vary each year depending on tariff and market conditions. About half of locally produced cherries are sold for gift-giving.